Hollywood Actress Reaches out to Indians with HIV-AIDS

Actress and activist Ashley Judd has traveled to brothels in Mumbai, truck stops in Jaipur and affluent communities of Delhi to document the AIDS epidemic in India..... Read More.

Aids Awareness Campaign Gets a Shot in the Arm

Ashley Judd, acclaimed Hollywood actress has just wound up an extensive AIDS awareness campaign that has taken her along a trail less traveled. Clad in a simple cotton sari she walked the streets in Kamathipura in Mumbai interacting with commercial sex workers, 50% of whom are HIV positive ..... Read More.

The Kung Fu Nuns of Ladakh

The Drukpa nunnery in Ladakh is home to a self-empowered branch of feminist Buddhism that not only encourages nuns to train in Kung Fu, but also lets them study and seek enlightenment on a par with monks...... Read More.

India By Road

29 states, 2 people and a journey of lifetime... this is what #IndiaMyWay is about. Arjun Pandey, producer and Chandramouli Basu, creative head talk about a livewire experience over a coffee with Unnati Joshi..... Read More.

Bono: On Aids Now

There is nothing more attractive than energy moving forward. ~Bono ..... Read More.

Ashley Judd Talks About India's Hidden Plague

Ashley Judd Talks About India's Hidden Plague.....Read More.

Kung Fu Nuns' BBC Documentary on the Drukpa Nuns and their quest for equality

"Kung Fu Nuns" is the intriguing title of a documentary film which will be telecast on BBC World News on Saturday, 3rd September at 10:00 am and 11:00 PM with repeat telecasts on Sunday 4th of September at 4 p.m and 11 p.m. Directed by Indian documentary film directo..... Read More.

Second to Nun

A collective gasp rippled through the audience as 58 flag- brandishing Buddhist nuns of the Drukpa sect broke into the clean swipes and high kicks of kung fu...... Read More.


Mandi House is behaving like an ageing matinee idol. It's in the if-you-can't-lick'em-join-'em mode. So, if it's pop n' frenzy flailing down from the skies, it has to be the same down here, in-house. Those awaiting Agatha Christie's Poirot last fortnight got quite a shock...... Read More.

The Eighth City of Delhi Amalgamates Delhi's cities

New Delhi: Did you know that the national capital of India, is not just one city, but an amalgam of eight cities built over the years beginning from the times of Prithviraj Chauhan and Qutub-ud-Din Aibak ?..... Read More.

Changing Face of Face to Face

THIS surely is the season of the chatterati. Not the one-guest-at-a-time shows but a celebrity accompanied by husband/wife/parent/child. If Simi Grewal has been chugging along merrily with Rendezvous for years on Star Plus, Karan Thapar’s Face to Face on BBC World every Saturday at 10 p.m..... Read More.

National Geographic expo solves Roopkund Skeleton Mystery

Vital information is now available on the origin of the hundreds of skeletons found in the vicinity of the Roopkund lake in the Garhwal Himalayas...... Read More.

Bones Of A Riddle

A TV docu reaches startling findings on the Himalayan mystery of Roopkund..... Read More.

The Islanders

What do a brawny fitness trainer from Jammu, an Uttarakhand farmer, a Kolkata DJ and a Gauhati model have in common? They are all part of a new reality show Sarkaar Ki Duniya where Ashutosh Rana plays the role of a benevolent dictator..... Read More.

Sitaron Ko Choona Hai Grand Finale : Yashraj the Ultimate “Star”

MUMBAI: Yashraj Kapil has won the grand finale of the show ‘Sitaron Ko Choona Hai’, an indigenously developed reality show by Miditech Pvt. Ltd on 26th June 2009. Yashraj won the top spot and a record deal with Times Music after..... Read More.

Get Drunk on Delhi's Rarest Shots

35 photographers use 35 mm to bring glimpses from a city so busy it misses its most striking sightings ..... Read More.